Dedicated to encouraging environmentally responsible recreational and commercial use of the Elk and North East Rivers

We are a voice for clean water in the Elk and North East Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.  We work to improve the quality of the water in the two watersheds and to monitor its health.  We join with other organizations and civic leaders concerned with protecting the natural resources of Cecil County so that they may be enjoyed by future generations.

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ENERWA - Elk & North East Rivers Watershed Association
Cecil County Wade In 2023 - Elk & North East Rivers Watershed Association

2023: A Year In Review

We had a Blast in 2023 and Many Events to Show!

With events such as Project Clean Stream, Annual Meeting, Cecil County Wade-In, a Presentation with Master Gardeners and the BayWise Program, we have a ton of ideas and memories moving forward that can better our community and make it stronger!

2023: A Year In Review

Water Quality Reports

Our Partners

We especially thank the Town of North East for funding the lab fees for our North East River samples. The printing and mailing of our water quality report cards were funded by the Stormwater Management Division of the Cecil County Department of Public Works and a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) grant from the county. Member dues and contributions support the purchase of supplies and the lab fees for the Elk River samples. Join us!